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Description of Trenbolone Acetate

Trenbolone Acetate is a well known anabolic steroid with very strong androgen, the most potent anabolic steroid for injection ever used by humans, but it is highly sought by performance athletes. The component of this product has effects on the growth phases of the muscle mass and in the defining phases. For the first time the component of this steroid was encountered in the product like Finaject, a medicine used in the veterinary category. Trenbolone has been well received by bodybuilders, which is largely used during the cutting phases. This steroid has a very strong androgenic effect and is free of estrogen manifestations, which helps to restore strength, restore a well-defined and tough appearance of muscles, without water retention. According to the Trenbolone structure, it is similar to Nandrolone, but it acts slightly differently from this one, both being 19-nor steroids. Compared to Nandrolone, trenbolone is a good muscle mass builder, thus rendering a harsh appearance to muscles with minimal water and fat retention. The anabolic score of Trenbolone is 500, but the anabolic score of Testosterone is 100, so comparing them we can see the phenomenal power of the Trenbolone Acetate steroid.
Trenbolon is quite anabolic because it sensitizes the satellite muscle cells to be more sensitive to IGF-1 and also increases the level of IGF-1 in muscles, which is a very anabolic hormone. Trenbolone Acetate also binds to androgen receptors, which is a good thing because it will increase muscle mass much faster and also help in fat burning.

Animal studies have also been performed using Trenbolone steroid, thus demonstrating the efficacy of this drug on the positive side. With the use of this product by athletes, minerals and vitamins will be better absorbed in the body, the food consumed will be better used in the formation of muscle tissue and at the same time will keep the athlete healthier throughout the whole cycle.
As we said before, Trenbolone is very androgen (5 times more androgen than testosterone), but such steroids are appreciated because they bring strength gains, while also balancing androgen/estrogen and reducing subcutaneous water. Trenbolone is the perfect agent for burning fat in muscle and in fat cells, but once combined with Testosterone, fat burning will be further increased, thus producing an amazing effect. Trenbolone Acetate is a versatile steroid and it can be used both in the accumulation phases of the muscle mass, as well as in the defining phases, at the same time it rapidly increases endurance and muscle strength.

Side Effects of Trenbolone Acetate

Regarding to ESTROGENIC SIDE EFFECTS we can say that trenbolone does not aromatizing, but it has a great proximity to the progesterone receptors, due to the metabolites of trenbolone. The side effects that are caused by the metabolisms of trenbolone can be associated with those of estrogen: water retention, fat retention, gynecomastia. With the addition of some anti-estrogens we could resolve the undesirable effect, such as administering Letrozole. In the case of decreased progesterone levels we could administer cabergoline. The progesterone could lead to some sexual dysfunction, a problem often encountered when using Trenbolone alone. To avoid these unwanted side effects, it is recommended to combine it with Testosterone. It could increase the chances of water retention and gynecomastia occurring if Trenbolone is to be used in combination with other aromatizing steroids.

ANDROGENIC SIDE EFFECTS could occur only in those predisposed, these being manifested by: oily skin, acne, enlargement of the prostate and hair loss in those predisposed. In the case of Trenbolone administration, it may increase the aggressiveness, more mute than in the case of other steroids. Trenbolone may also cause more severe acne than when using Danabol or Testosterone.

As CARDIOVASCULAR SIDE EFFECTS we can note the negative affect of cholesterol (decreases HDL and increases LDL). To avoid these negative effects, it is recommended to take Omega-3 during the Trenbolone cycle. Trenbolone can also have a negative impact on blood pressure, so if this problem is detected it is recommended to stop the cycle of Trenbolone.

With the use of Trenbolone, SIDE EFFECTS OF TESTOSTERONE can also be observed. These are manifested by their own suppression of testosterone production. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to use after finishing the cycle and such products as Nolvadex / Clomed / HGH to prevent hormonal breakdown.

The side effects mentioned before, can be found in almost all use cases of any steroid, but we can observe Trenbolone specific side effects that are manifested by insomnia, anxiety, heavy sweating and palpitations. These effects may occur in sensitive persons or in the cases of using very high doses.

Trenbolone Acetate Administration

Recommended doses vary, about 150-400 mg/week, ideally 50-100 mg/EOD. Performance athletes, however, increase the dose to 50-100 mg/day, but also the risks increases.
Trenbolone being a versatile steroid, could be combined with several other types of steroids. For example, in the definition phase, it is recommended to combine it with Primobolan or Winstrol (Stanozolol), but in the phases of muscular accumulation the perfect combination would be with Testosterone, Danabol or Equipose (Boldenone). The acetate ester acts very fast, which is ideal for those who will have quick results and also quickly leaves the body in cases when the side effects are too pronounced. This is a steroid that is often used before competitions, so it is recommended to take 25mg/day of T3 during the cycle.

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