Larger Buttocks

Larger Buttocks

Study: Women with larger buttocks are healthier and smarter

Scientists at Oxford University have concluded that women with bigger butt are much more resistant to chronic diseases and are more smarter.

The results revealed that women with bigger butt tend to have lower cholesterol levels and may be more prone to producing hormones for sugar metabolism. Thus, we conclude that the larger buttocks denotes something more than just a fascination and seduction of the eyes of those around. This study shows that women with a big butt are less prone to developing diabetes or heart problems. A larger buttocks requires an excess of omega-3 fats, which have been shown to be catalysts for brain development.

Following the statement of Professor Konstantinos Manolopoulos (leader of the study, Oxford University), it was mentioned that women with more fat on the butt have lower cholesterol and glucose levels.
At the same time, health specialists believe that once you have body fat, it is much better for it to be in the lower part of the body. Analyzing people who have a pear-shaped body, they are healthy in every way, they have a minimal risk of having a heart attack or developing diabetes. The above conclusions are based on information gathered from a study of 16,000 examinated women.
Also, the larger buttocks favors in women the level of leptin (weight regulation hormone) and dinopectin (hormones with anti-inflammatory, vascular protective and antidiabetic attribution).

Bubble Butt

Posterior tissue, also known as adipose tissue, is considered a good blocking agent for fatty and harmful acids, which in turn prevents cardiovascular disease. The universities of California and Pittsburg also conducted similar studies and concluded that women with larger buttocks, wider hips and smaller waists have a much longer life expectancy.
The Oxford University study suggested that all of these larger buttocks facilities are valid for the natural posterior, not for the one that has undergone surgical modifications.

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