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Manufacturer: 7Lab Pharm
Substance: Testosterone Blend / Testosterone Mix
Pack: 10 ml vial (250 mg/ml)

Sustalab-250 Detailed

Sustalab-250 by 7Lab Pharm

  • Testosterone Propionate 30 mg/ml
  • Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60 mg/ml
  • Testosterone Isocaproate 60 mg/ml
  • Testosterone Decanoate 100 mg/ml

Common names: Sustanon, Sustalab, Sustamed, Sustaxyl, Pentadex, Sustaplex, Testo Blend, Testosterone Compund, Testosterone Mix, Estandron, Omnadren, Supertest, Testo Mix

Active half-life: up to 36 hours

Aromatization: YES

Hepatotoxicity: NO

Water Retention: YES

Acne: YES

Dosage: 250-1000 mg/week

Effects: muscle growth, cutting, athletic enhancement and enhanced performance


Sustalab-250 (Testo Blend) by 7Lab Pharm known also as Sustanon, is an injectable steroid in the form of an oily solution. It contains 4 different esters of testosterone, which have a synergistic effect. Sustalab-250 is designed to act from the first administration over a long period of time. Propionate and Phenylpropionate esters are used immediately, and the remaining ones are used slower, these remaining active in the body for a period of 2-3 weeks, so this is a great advantage over testosterone enanthate or cypionate. Sustamed has a high anabolic effect and a pronounced androgenic activity. The preparation is used during periods of mass accumulation, bringing serious gains in muscle mass and strength. The short esters of Testo Blend begin to act after the first injection so its action is felt quickly in the body. Sustanon is probably the most seeking form of testosterone, because it is a product that contains "4 steroids in one" and this idea is very attractive. This magic product will increase nitrogen retention, increase IGF-1 levels, increase the number of red cells and increase protein synthesis. In this sense, we can conclude that we will have impressive results in mass and strength gains.


Sustalab-250 (Sustamed 250) injections can be painful to some people because of propionate ester, which causes tissue irritation. In some people the pain is quite high, possibly even unbearable, but for most users the discomfort is bearable. It is given approximatevly once every 10 days because it is active in the body for a long time. Doses range from 250 mg every 10 days to 1000 mg weekly. Some use even higher doses, but such an approach is not recommended. It is recommended to avoid the use of high doses of Testo Blend, preferably to stack it with Anapolon 50, Danabol, Winstrol, Trenbolon; but also with anti-estrogens such as Anastrozole, Proviron, Tamoxifen.

Side Effects

Can be observed water retention, gynecomastia, fattening, negative effects on blood pressure, acne, oily skin, facial and body hair growth, negative cholesterol profile can be altered. Some general masculizing side effects for women.

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