F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

1.Provement and legit ?
2.The average time for shipping and receiving ?
3.Order amount limit ?
4.How to place an oreder?
5.Can i edit my order or shipping adress?
6.Types of shipping ?
7.Payment method
8.What to do if i didn't recieved the package or it is seized ?

Provement and legit ?
We are official suppliers of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Sciroxx, 7Lab Pharma, Maha Pharm, Sp Laboratories, Dragon Pharma, BodyPharm, Para Pharma, etc. and we are working only with original products that are made by this companies.

The average time for shipping and receiving ?
Orders are shipped in 2-5 business days after the payment is received. After the order is shipped, the average time of receiving the package is 7-21 days, depending of destination.

Order amount limit ?
We don't have any limits for orders. You can place any order you like (big or small), after the shippers will decide how is much better to send it to you in the safest mode. If the order is too big to be send in one package, it will be divided in more packages and will be sent separately. Also if you have some questions or refferences for your order, you can write to us and we will shipp it according your preferences.

How to place an oreder?
1. Log in to your account. If you don't have an account, you can sign up for free.
2. Browse the site to find the products you want to order. Select the product you want, enter the amount you need and after press "Add to Cart".
3. Go to section "Cart" where you can see all the products and the amount you added until this moment. You can adjust here the amount or make some changes. If you made some changes, press "Update"
4. In this section you can fill comment for your order if you need to inform us about something.
5. Check the products and the amount you added and if you are ready, press "Checkout". Then follow all the steps.

Can i edit my order or shipping adress?
You can't make any changes in your order or shipping adress if the payment is already made.

Types of shipping ?
We ship from more than 8 location all over the world. Our orders are shipped by Registered Airmail with tracking. For receiving the package you have to sign. If you are not home at the delivery time, the package is store at the post office (2-3 weeks) and you can pick it up. Also we ship to P.O. Boxes. Please pick up the packages in time until it will be returned back.

Payment method ?
You will be able to choose the payment method after pressing the button "Checkout". Pay attention to all information in this rubric and fill in the information.

What to do if i didn't recieved the package or it is seized ?
- If you recieved a letter with seized information, please send to us the proof and we will resend you the package for free.
- Another case is when the mail is lost. Please inform us about this problem and we will check it in short time. If the mail is sure lost, we will reship it for free.
- If the client didn't pick up the mail, this will be returned and we can't receive them. In this case we can't resend it for you.

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